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Thank you for stopping by. As a certified nutrition educator, Sound and Reiki practitioner, it is my goal to assist you in achieving balanced wellness.  It's not enough to just begin a diet. Diets fail and so often, we cut out entire food groups reducing our nutrient status only to make the metabolism suffer further creating an atmosphere of anxiety, sleepless nights, mood swings and hormone imbalance. 

A robust metabolism is one free of stress and dis-ease. In this busy life, we've forgotten to slow down and take some time to invest in the most valuable asset we own...our precious body's.  It is my goal with each and every client to help bridge the divide between diet and health, to help you be the very best advocate you can be.


It's not my job to heal you, it's my job to show you how to guide your miraculous system in doing what it really does know how to do best...heal itself. It's impossible to do an efficient job in anything

without the correct tools. 


It's not uncommon anymore to find symptomatic individuals. The most common complaints I work with include:

  • Weight resistance​

  • Digestive disorders

  • Stress 

  • Anxiety

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Lack of sleep

  • Loss of libido - PMS - PMDD - PCOS

  • Pain

  • Hypertension-Hypotension-High and low bp

  • Malaise or exhaustion

  • Cold nose, hands and feet

  • Brain fog - memory loss 

Unfortunately, one prescription leads to another, none of them are feeling like they're efficiently helping and one can be in a matrix of medical care only to feel wired, tired and confused. 

Mineral imbalances, lack of cellular respiration, low thyroid function, compromised adrenal function, digestive issues, poor sleep and stress are at the root of  most of the lack of wellness for so many. 

As a Certified Nutrition Educator, I give dietary recommendations based on your goals, taste and biochemical needs through detailed intake analysis. 

As a Certified Energy and Reiki practitioner, I work with you to balance your Energy systems and in turn, anxiety, stress and pain is reduced providing balance and calm. 

As a Certified Hypnotherapist and sound healer, I can help you tie everything together to establish a lifetime of healthy choices through guided enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. 

Allow me to assist you in being the best you can be. Schedule a free 15 minute phone conversation and see if I'm the practitioner for you. 

I have included affiliate links on various pages. I make a small commission with your purchase. 

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