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Coleen - "I cannot recommend Misty Humphrey enough, she is such an amazing, loving, gifted healer.  Her calm and loving presence relaxes my nervous system almost immediately - which normally is a difficult task - and has been one crucial step to allow my body to heal.


I am a complicated client with a lot of health issues, not only did I began to notice some symptoms decrease in severity, but Misty’s work has also helped me continue life through several flares when otherwise I would not have been able to forge on.  From emotional to physical traumas, Misty and her gifts continue to amaze me. With her work I have deepened my meditation practice and have been able to delve into past traumas without the blocks I have had in the past - she has been instrumental in releasing my blocks and opening up the energy within. The power of her energy and intention - even over the phone - has helped me greatly with healing the mind, body, and spirit. At times, I feel a difference right away and other times I just get better and better after our session - then I come to find out she was still working on me and had my crystal grid up! I have insomnia and sleep issues but always get the best deep and restful sleep during and after our sessions. I leave our sessions feeling lighter, at peace, and completely grounded. 


As a huge bonus, Misty’s experience as a nutritionist gives these sessions so much more than other healers, she brings her knowledge and experience of the body to her sessions and uses this to help even more. She is always learning and bringing new knowledge and tools into her practice - ask her about the light therapy box and, you won’t be disappointed!  


I have been fortunate to have the gift of Misty’s work for almost a year now and each experience gets better and better. On top of her being the most kind, generous, warm-hearted person, the healing energy and light that she possesses is truly a rare gift."

Coleen Walsh, MFA, MNT, Functional Nutritionist and Master Nutrition Therapist
Harvesting Nutrition

Tiffani - "I've had a LOT of energy work done over the years. Some has been good, some has been ok. I myself do energy work on myself and others. I can honestly say that Misty is one of the most talented energy workers I have ever met. Every time I receive a session from her I can feel my body responding during the treatment and sometimes days afterwards. She is crystal clear in her work. It is an amazing feeling knowing she's taking care of me for the session. Energy work is one of the tenets of self care that I believe is very important, and I am so grateful Misty is on my team. I truly believe that she helped me turn around an issue recently, so that I received a happy diagnosis. You can fully relax and receive Misty's loving and knowledgeable attention."

Carola - "I had an amazing distance Chakra session with Misty on my birthday. I could feel the warmth of the crystals on my heart chakra and solar plexus. I was very relaxed during the session which was done remotely since I live in Canada. Thank you so much Misty!"

Linda - "I can’t say enough about the session Misty did for me w crystals. I am in Oklahoma and she is in California but after the session I was MUCH calmer, slower to react, more pleasant to be around…..not that I was a shrew but I’ve always been hyper & type A. Afterwards I was more laid back, easy going, not worrying so much.

Misty is very loving and I think is a very old soul."

Elaine - "I wondered how I would feel and how it would compare to what you hear from other people's experiences. Would my words be the same and how would I know if I felt those things. What I felt mostly the following couple of days was steady, calm and purposeful. It was extraordinary! I was so surprised that I was aware! In how I accomplished everyday things, in my interactions." 

Mary - "I have to admit when Misty offered me a distance Chakra session to help with my anxiety, I was skeptical. Was she really going to be able to help me over the phone? What did I have to lose? I have anxiety and depression and after just one session, I felt like a different person. It's difficult to explain...I've heard people talk about zen, yet awake feeling but I've never experienced it. I did experience it during my session and it lasted for several days. I'm a believer and I'm so glad I found Misty. I look forward to my time."

Elise - "I've received several sessions from Misty. My sessions are completely restorative and wonderful. She has a gentle and intuitive art that will enable you to relax and allow your body/mind/soul to be healed. One thing about Misty that I love is that you know and feel that you can trust her and she is a gentle and caring soul. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to restore a feeling of safety, balance and restoration in their lives. Especially in these times that we live, it is so important to know that there are people like Misty who are trustworthy and caring."

Kimberly - " I feel very blessed to know Misty. She is such a wealth of knowledge. It is amazing how these "remote crystal sessions" are working for me. I have been dealing with various health challenges for over 30 years and can really say that I feel the energy in my body. I have had neuropathy and just high anxiety for so long. Misty has such a calm and positive approach that he energy transference is readily felt. I literally feel like I have been deflated in a good way. All that crazy tingling just dissolves. I would highly recommend her and will continue to utilize her intuitive gifts." 

Tiara - "I loved working with Misty, she has such a wonderfully intuitive healing touch. Each session was not only relaxing but she was able to help pinpoint exactly where I was out of balance and work to correct those imbalances. After each session I felt so relaxed and sometimes even felt an immediate reduction in my level of pain. I was pleasantly surprised with how quick and effective the crystals, combined with Misty’s expertise, were at making me feel more at ease in my body."

Sheila - "I have been having some anxiety attacks since last December. I decided to work with Misty on both my nutrition and my central nervous system. Misty has a way of making me feel so relaxed, special and most importantly, calm. She has taught me how to deal with situations that I feel I can't control without medication. I'm so happy that I've found a practitioner who understands what I'm going through and it helps!"

Tori - "I love my Misty time! I have an injury and every time I have a session, my pain is reduced. I really don't know how she does it but it works! I also love it when Misty makes a recommendation for my eating. She knows what I need when I need it!" 

Beth - "Misty is fantastic!!! She has broad knowledge of nutrition and a variety of healing modalities. every time She works on me, I feel better and she has an intuitive way of going right to the core of what's wrong. I would highly recommend her to anyone."




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