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Meditation with Crystals

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Crystals, conduits of energy

If you’ve established a habit of meditation, consider taking your quest to a higher vibration with the power of crystals. If you've never meditated a day in your life or you're like me and thought mediation was an impossibility due to an over active nervous system, try beginning with a special rock or crystal. Crystals assist us in changing the frequency or voltage of our environment. A resonance between crystals and quartz-like cellular systems within our body increases our voltage through the dominant oscillary rate of the crystal which maintains syntropy or balance with its repeating geometric patterns. With the varying systems of the human body, we are in a constant state of entropy or disorder because we maintain varying DOR’s. This oscillary rate is the frequency of the crystal which as mentioned, maintains a balanced order encouraging a heightened state of meditation.

When the environment around us has reduced entropy and we're being entrained by a stable, precise energy such as that coming from crystals, this in turn allows us to increase our vitality because our health is being boosted and amplified to keep up with the amplitude. It's actually due to coherence within our body. We're getting more coherent. We're harmonizing with this precise, stable energy, and that increases our health.

One can choose a crystal to meditate with based on current events, moods and imbalances. This is referred to as entraining your body with the crystal manifesting the intention of your potential desired outcome.

You can choose based on metaphysical properties of the actual stone or based on color to work on balancing your Chakra system.

...or, you can choose the one that you are drawn to either by visual or vibration. There is no right or wrong way to choose.

To begin, choose a crystal that resonates with you. Bring that crystal into your energy field. You can hold it, lay it next to you, place it on a chakra and begin meditating with your chosen stone and inspirational mantra of entrainment. This can be as simple as focusing on an area or areas that you know need work. Maybe it's anxiety, agitation, sadness that you want to lift or simply just raise your vibe and increase vitality. These are patterns that we need to rework in the subconscious mind. It's not as much about the stress, it's the manner in which we deal with it. Hold the stone in your left (receiving) hand, close your eyes and visualize the outcome. Ask the stone "show me guide me" or any mantra that works for you. "I am worthy" "I am love" "I will succeed" "I try" "I am" "I do"...Work with each stone for 3 to 4 days and take note of your experiences. They might be mild, they might not show at all and you might notice some time later that all of the sudden, the subconscious has shifted a little. Maybe there's a pep in your step, you're handling difficult situations with ease, you're patient, you approach things differently. This is your gig and you are more in control of your outcome then you realize. What crystals should you choose?

The quartz crystal is the most versatile and is considered the Master Healer of crystals. Name your intention and the quartz is likely to deliver. Other crystals that are helpful include: Lepidolite: Calming anxiety Amethyst: Intuition and contentment Rose Quartz: Self Love, love of others Selenite: Cleansing the aura and surrounding spaces Black Tourmaline: Clears negative thoughts and energy

Blue Kyanite: Clear and concise communication

Citrine: Self esteem, digestion and power

Green Aventurine: Health and abundance

Obsidian: Reduce negativity, grief

Carnelian: Increase sexuality and creativity

Red Jasper: Survival and family, menopause I will often take 2 large Amethyst points and hold one pointing toward me with my left (receiving) hand and the other pointing outward in my right (giving) hand. I will lay there for several minutes relaxing to 528 hz music all while imagining I am bringing positive energy in and allowing the negative to flow through and back out of my right hand and then I just let the sound take me away.

What are your favorite stones to meditate with?

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