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Are you looking for a coach that can provide you with a comprehensive report based on your lifestyle, needs and even limitations? Are you sick of yo yo dieting only to gain more weight, suffering from pain, inflammation and disappointment? Do you need someone you can lean on to establish better habits and the motivation to stick to them? 

I provide tailored nutrition sessions to individuals based on biochemical needs, lifestyle and economic restrictions. Whether you're looking for general healthy eating advice, food allergy recommendations or support for a specific condition, I have the programs and education to meet your needs. With my comprehensive intake, I can assist you in taking the guess work out of your daily dietary decisions. Together, we can develop a plan that you can live with without feeling deprived or depressed. A plan that takes "you" and "your" needs into consideration all while learning how to shop and choose healthful, tasty ingredients to quickly and easily put together meals to nourish your most valuable asset for a life full of energy and vitality. 

We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.


Adele Davis-Nutritionist & Author

The following individual nutrition plans include one on one support via skype, Facetime, text and e-mail. This personal attention provides you with a more successful program for long term adherence and the knowledge to make decisions based on your biochemical individuality. 

  • Individual intake - Dietary recommendations, 3 Day Sample Menu, Shopping Recommendations, 1 hour phone consultation and 6 weeks of  text/e-mail support.                                                           $150 

  • Individual intake hair tissue mineral analysis - Dietary recommendations based on hair mineral analysis, 3 Day Sample Menu, Shopping Recommendations, 1 1/2 hour phone consultation and 6 weeks of text/e-mail support. This is the perfect plan for those who are stressed, living in fight or flight, sleep issues, anxiety, inflammation and stubborn weight.  Price includes lab fee.                                                                           $250

  • Food Sensitivity Planning - Food report and recommendations specific to your sensitivities. Food Replacements, 3 Day Sample Menu, Shopping Recommendations, 30 minute phone consultation and 3 weeks of text/e-mail support.                                                                                                                                                       $125

If you would like to talk before you buy, send me an e-mail to schedule your free 15 minute consultation

If you suffer from anxiety, stress and a feeling of "unease" a Chakra Balancing session might be right for you.

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