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Healthy Diets

The subject "Healthy Diets" is  one of the most emotionally charged subjects of all time. The best diets are those that charge your metabolism without breaking down your body through stress.  Healthy diets are hormonally balanced, immune supporting diets and the only way to obtain long term success no matter your end goal is to reduce the stress and begin living in a "calm" nutritional and lifestyle environment.  

With a bit of trial and error, you too can figure out which foods nourish and energize you and determine those that make you feel sleepy, bloated and cause weight gain.  When we understand that weight loss and gain is a hormonal process, we can finally liberate ourselves from the starvation diets that only damage our metabolisms further.  You can eat the healthiest diet in the world but if you're under stress, no diet will prevent the "bulging belly." Your stress is causing hormones to raise blood sugar potentially putting you into a state of metabolic chaos. 

Your healthy diet should energize, revitalize and nourish your body.  When researching, consider the advice that will be an anti-aging, stress reducing diet for optimum health and vitality.  That diet should predominantly be based upon whole, nutrient dense foods.  

Your diet should be based on your biochemical individuality.  Are you a fast or slow oxidizer?  Do you need to reduce fat or increase it?  Reduce or increase carbohydrate?  So frequently, I meet Women who have been dieting only to become ill, gain stomach fat and suffer fatigue all while "dieting harder."  It's a phenomenon you see all over social media and forums.  Well intended people consistently encouraging you to reduce carbohydrate even further when in a stall or health rut.  It's just not as simple as that and in fact, if you're suffering in a high stress environment, reducing carbohydrate might make you feel worse.  


You are unique, you are individual. If you would like to book an appointment for a FREE 15 minute consultation, feel free to CONTACT ME. We can talk about your concerns, health markers and to pin point nutritional needs, we can take a peak at your biochemical needs through a hair analysis should you decide my services work for you. Hair is the second most metabolically active tissue in the body. The HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis test) is designed to detect metabolic trends such as vitality, oxidation, stages of stress, digestion, electrolytes & toxic metals.  It is my best diagnostic tool when the diet fails. 

Check out the popular plans below and give it a shot for a couple of weeks.  Journal your experience and take note of trends in digestion, energy, sleep and mood.  

Just remember, what ever you do, be sure to eat enough! 

Under eating is one of the least metabolic decisions you can make.  


Paleo/Primal is a grain, legume and sometimes dairy free diet promoting a higher protein plan. The idea is to emulate the "pre-agricultural era" of early humans that were nomadic. Paleo, by definition is not Low Carb

Low Carb

Reducing carbohydrate has been effective at providing quick weight loss results all while promoting satiety.  A perfect plan for those who have trouble adhering to a calorie restrictive diet. 

Low Fat

The low-fat diet while sometimes restrictive is preferred by some.  If you need to increase your cellular respiration, creating more energy, a higher carbohydrate, lower fat diet might be the plan for you. 

The Plan


Whether for moral or religious purposes, a meat-free diet is the choice for some. A well balanced vegetarian diet for the conscious consumer who isn't comfortable consuming an omnivorous diet.

Misty's Soup



If you are satisfied with a

"one-pot-meal" for several days, then my soup diet is perfect for you. One pot, one day, multiple meals result in a balanced, nourishing plan!

Perfect too for the family member recovering from illness or surgery. 



Heal your metabolism with a Diet Recovery Plan.  Perfect for the former yo-yo dieter who is working to reclaim a damaged metabolic rate and lack of energy.  Perfect for those who are more interested in health-over-weight-loss. 

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