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 Energy Balancing

Reiki Treatment

Chakra, Reiki, Color and Sound Bowls are a special piece of my practice. As a nutritionist and energy worker, dramatic transformation can be obtained with my sessions. I serve those that are ready for personal transformation, at a crossroads between giving up and giving in...those that have roadblocks in their healing or are just sick and tired of being sick and tired.  

What most can't believe is, I often do it from a distance from my healing center to your home over the phone. 

Everything is made up of energy and everything vibrates. The quartz crystal is such a dependable source that it literally brings the human organism closer to its DOR (Dominant Oscillary Rate) bringing better balance and adaptability, relaxation and sleep, therefore, presumably less disease. 

Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel. The body has thousands of Chakras or "energy wheels" that allow you to exchange energy around you. We all have a biofield or energy space that surrounds the physical body. Have you ever walked into a room and thought to your self "there's some bad energy in here!" Well that energy is dictated by our thoughts and actual chemical changes happen with these thoughts.  Some examples include low mood from pain and illness, an ongoing argument with a loved one, childhood trauma, working with and around people that drain you, constant financial stress, lack of companionship or a difficult partnership and anything that is generally causing chronic stress or obsessive thoughts. This negative energy causes blockages and crystal healing can entrain you to unblock these centers giving you the energy and vitality to move forward with your life. I have personally felt a calm that is consistent with the training and energy work received. Because I have felt such a profound change, I decided to further invest in my education and become a Certified Crystal Practitioner through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. 


Much of my recommendations come with a fair amount of research to support what I share and the Chakra balancing work that I do is no exception.  


This modality has allowed me to incorporate a multi pronged approach with my own clients because what I finally realized was, most, including myself have difficulty with the dietary piece because their central nervous systems were either suffering with extreme anxiety or blocks from previous life experiences, including trauma. 

Color, Sound and Crystal therapy are amazing healing support alternatives to a population suffering from anxiety, insomnia, pain and chronic illness.


The further I immerse myself in our energy field, the more I understand the ability of the human organism to self heal. You don't have to believe in anything other than the ability of my tools to do their jobs in grounding the human body and our ability to exchange energy with one another for the mutual goal of wellness. 

Many are skeptical of the distance Chakra sessions.  Take a peek at some of the testimonials of my distance clients. 

It’s essential that those who use crystals for healing purposes have had adequate training in order to do so in an effective yet secure, safe and sensible manner. As a graduate of the Accredited Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, I have a sound understanding of the human electromagnetic field and how crystals interact with it.  I am trained in how to recognize and remedy energetic imbalances or blockages within this field utilizing crystal, sound and Reiki energy.

*I provide gift certificates for sale for your gifting needs. I will provide a discount for bulk purchase

What is Chakra balancing?

Chakra balancing is an ancient practice of restoring the energy systems of the body. The effect of the modality is to provide well being, relaxation, balance and a centering of the body, mind and spirit. This is done through the help of stones, many of specific color groups pertaining to each Chakra or energy center. Crystals, particularly quartz have been used in electronics beginning with time pieces because they carry a "dominant oscillatory rate." This DOR is due to the consistent geometric patterns which provide syntropy, which is a constant balance. The human body on the other hand has "varying oscillatory rates" therefore, generally maintaining a state of "entropy" or imbalance. This results in undesirable outcomes and behaviors that contribute to disease states. 

In addition to in person services and lectures, I am a distance energy practitioner and I often surprise myself as well as my clients with some of the results that we can obtain. Distance work is as profound as in person work and one does not have to  have any sensing abilities to feel my presence, my color therapy light and/or crystals when we're in a session. 

The sessions are light hearted, relaxing and focused solely on you. You can expect to feel deeply relaxed, lighter, opening of senses, balancing and regulation of the nervous system by opening the blocked energy systems of the body. Whether you choose a distance session, request I come to your home or you visit my wellness center, you can expect the same level of care and results in all of my sessions.  Check out what some of my clients have to say 


PEMF Mat 30 min $10 

Pulsed PEMF therapy sends magnetic energy into the body. These energy waves work with your body’s natural magnetic field to improve healing. The magnetic fields help you to increase electrolytes and ions. This naturally influences electrical changes on a cellular level and influences cellular metabolism. It works with your body’s own recovery processes to help relieve chronic pain. This safe modality is increasing in use eliminating the need for some surgeries.


Whole Body Red Light 15 min $10

Red light therapy is thought to work by acting on the “power plant” in your body’s cells called mitochondria. With more energy, other cells can do their work more efficiently, such as repairing skin, boosting new cell growth and enhancing skin rejuvenation. More specifically, certain cells absorb light wavelengths and are stimulated to work more efficiently. Used in the afternoon, this light can assist in deeper sleep due to the red/orange hue as mimicked from sunset.

Color Therapy addition to other packages $10-$30 10-30 min./1-3 colors.

Light therapy is a subtle yet powerful technique that uses specific color frequency lenses to alter vibrations within specific parts of the body. We use low intensity light combined with specially designed colored lenses. These lenses were the result of years of research into measuring the effects of different color frequencies on the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Light frequencies subtly shift the harmonic patterns within the body and mind, creating an overall balance in an individual and bring back a sense of well-being. This can be used with pets as well.




Sound Bowl Bath meditation 60 min. $25pp

Sound healing works by using specific sound frequencies to stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms. When we are exposed to sound, our brain waves entrain to the frequency of the sound, which can promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote physical healing. This meditation allows you to let go and be guided through a journey of the Solfeggio healing sounds through crystal tuning bowls. These meditations are generally performed in group settings. We can come to your home or office!




PEMF, Reiki & Tuning Fork Biofeedback 60 min $65

Join me in my studio for a relaxing hour of PEMF, Reiki and tuning fork biofeedback. While you relax, I will do a full Reiki session as well, harmonize your biofield with tuning forks. My forks are a high alloy aluminum made in the US. The sound is crisp and clear and positive results are generally seen after the first session. The “biofield” is that invisible energy space that surrounds us, that place where information is stored as the communication system between the body and the outside world.





We all have the ability to help others. Learn how to help yourself and your family members, including pets in this relaxing modality. Reiki is currently used in hospital settings throughout the US. This Japanese modality is referred to as Usui Reiki and is the West’s primary system of Reiki since the 1940’s. This universal healing energy is abundant and accessible to us all.

Group Reiki certification courses to be announced 

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